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Guest Blogger: Dana Briggs

Wedding Show season has arrived! There’s so much information and so many amazing vendors out there that a wedding show is a great way to see all of your options in one place. Of course, that also means it’s one BIG event, and that can be a bit overwhelming. To help you navigate a wedding show and make the most of your time, we’ve invited local wedding pro, Dana Briggs, to offer her 10 tips to survive the day!

Survival Tip #1

Be prepared to wait in line to register. Exercise patience! We know you are eager to see all the fabulousness that the vendors have to offer... Pre-registration is usually available online. Be sure to take advantage of that.

Tip #2

Plan to spend a minimum of 3 to 4 hours in order to see all the creative design ideas and the fashion showings that will be sashaying your way throughout the showcase. Wear comfortable shoes because the majority of your time will be spent standing and talking to vendors.

Tip #3

Pre-printed, self-adhesive address labels are going to be your best buddy. You will be asked for your name, address, phone number, email and wedding date countless times before the show is over. The labels will save you lots of time as you peruse from vendor to vendor.

Tip #4 

Don't forget to carry your color swatches. This may very well prove helpful in getting suggestions from vendors, such as florists or the invitation specialists. One of the best things about the wedding  show is that it gives you an opportunity to see what's new and exciting; things you or your fiancé may not have thought of or considered.

Tip #5

Don't hesitate to ask lots of questions. The vendors know you're beaming with excitement and they would LOVE to share in that with you. Every professional at the wedding show is happy to share what they know with you. First question you want to ask is... "Are you available on my wedding day?" If you get a "NO," that saves you time and you can move right along.

Tip #6

The best place to write notes about a vendor is right on the literature he or she gives you. It is very helpful to you after the show to keep the vendors from blending into one another. I've found that placing a few blank self-adhesive address labels in your purse actually come in handy. They can stick right on the brochure! And you can make a few good notes there!!

Tip #7

Don't expect to walk away from the show with a ton of signed contracts in your hand. If you speak with a vendor, and you are interested in them, I suggest making AND keeping the appointment with them. That way you can discuss your wedding in depth. Without being rushed or interrupted by other wedding couples.

Tip #8 

If you are out of town, send your mother or your bestie to collect information on the services you and your fiancé need. You’d be surprised how much they will enjoy helping you with this part of the wedding planning process.

Tip #9

Try to avoid bringing small children to the show. I know it’s sometimes tempting to bring your flower girl along to show her all the exciting happenings, but trust me, she is sure to tire quickly and detract from your mission of finding vendors and ideas for your wedding. Make a date with her at Sweet Frog instead. You’ll thank me later!

Tip #10

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!! This is the most exciting time of your life. ENJOY IT!!! The ladies at Elegantly Yours Events celebrate in your excitement and wish you a stress-free wedding planning process!!

Dana Briggs is Principal Planner and Owner of Elegantly Yours Events, a Richmond wedding and event planning company. Bringing life to every bride’s childhood fairytale brings Dana Briggs great joy. Dana is certified in Event Management by The George Washington University School of Business, and holds a certificate in Meeting and Event Planning from the University of Virginia, Richmond Center. This experienced planner is also an industry leader, previously serving on the Board of Directors for the Richmond VA Chapter of the National Association for Catering and Events(NACE).

Dana’s favorite part of the wedding day is the “big reveal” – the moment when she sees her clients’ faces as their vision comes to life in front of their eyes.

More than just a professional, Dana has never met a stranger – well, not one who stays a stranger for long. Her contagious smile and warm hugs are world-renowned. She has a passion for Virginia Wine, revels in the Richmond’s local dining scene, and confesses to a recently acquired addiction to her Keurig!

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