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The Boathouse and Casa del Barco have always been proud to share Our Story by introducing our guests to the creators of their local food source. In March 2017, we are especially proud to feature The Boathouse Oyster.

The idea for The Boathouse Oyster was born about three years ago when our chefs visited Chapel Creek Oysters, a family run oyster farm in Cobb’s Creek, VA - not too far from where the Piankatank River meets the Chesapeake Bay. Trey Sowers, owner of Chapel Creek Oysters, took us through the process of oyster farming and the wheels were set in motion. When approached with the idea of creating an oyster just for The Boathouse, Trey was more than happy to oblige. By working together to grow an oyster with what we believe to be the ideal flavor profile, we support a local farm and close the gap from farm to table. It has been exciting to participate in the oyster growing process, which gave us the opportunity to shape the flavor from the time the seed oysters enter the bay until they are served to you in our restaurants.


About The Boathouse Oyster, from our farmers:

They are based in Virginia because this is where the finest oysters in the world are grown and Virginia is home to The Boathouse and Casa del Barco.

The product is unique because The Boathouse Oyster was created and is farmed specifically for The Boathouse and Casa del Barco. No other restaurant, local or otherwise, has these oysters.

The product is delicious because The Boathouse Oyster has a satisfying savory flavor. It’s mildly briny, a gentle reminder that it was harvested from the VA coastline just hours before it hits your plate.

We are also happy to be part of the Virginia Oyster Trail, a program to increase awareness of the benefits that Virginia Oysters have on local economies.

Don’t miss your chance to meet with our partners and sample some of the best oysters VA has to offer at our location at Short Pump Town Center on Thursday, March 23, 2017.

If you can’t visit with our partners, all Boathouse locations feature The Boathouse Oyster on special for Happy Hour, Monday through Friday.

For more information on Our Story, Happy Hour and all of our other exciting happenings, please visit our website, Facebook or join our mailing list.

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