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Susan Ties the Knot, Part X: Add Personality With Rentals

I am not a traditional person and I did not want a traditional space for my wedding. I chose Casa del Barco because I think that the space, surrounding cityscape and food all have non-traditional personalities, too! I did have to face the facts though, that CDB is not a banquet hall, and while that’s part of it’s charm, it’s also part of the challenge I am facing with making the space not look like a restaurant. I wanted the ambiance to reflect US as a couple. So that’s why I turned to rentals.

Depending on your venue, you might need to rent items like plates, silverware, tables and/or chairs. Other venues might offer them. This is something you should ask about during your booking process as renting these essential items can greatly affect your bottom line. At CdB, the china, glassware, flatware and basic linens are included; and we have use of their tables and chairs. So that was one place FH (Future Husband) and I  were able to save some money.

Even these traditional rentals can be a way to bring your personality into the event. If you have never visited an event rental showroom, you might be surprised at all the different chair styles, china options, and linen colors available!

To make your event more unique or really reflect your personality you could consider eclectic or vintage rentals. These items might be a funky bar, or a brightly colored sofa. Your cake could be displayed on a romantic french provincial sideboard, or your escort cards on rustic wooden farm tables.

What I am doing:

If you haven’t taken the canal walk downtown, you must run out and do this, preferably now, if not sooner! My ceremony is going to be taking place on the canal walk with graffiti and murals created by local artists as the backdrop. There are so many colors and so much character in this outdoor space, that I really wanted to make the seating for the ceremony “fit in.” I didn’t think that renting metal folding chairs would do, so I contacted the experts at Paisley and Jade, a local vintage/eclectic furniture rental shop and they created a beautiful mix of seating by using old church pews and mismatched white wooden chairs. This seating is going to really complement that area, without taking away from the beautiful scenery and artwork.

The inside of CdB is so unique - it’s super fun with bright colors and weird accents (have you seen the stairs to nowhere?!?) but at the same time can be really romantic with soft dim lighting. I am not doing much to the interior besides removing some tables. Instead, I’m putting most of my efforts into the outdoor patio area, where I know all of my friends and family are going to want to be on a beautiful day. I wanted that area to double as part of the cocktail space, but also provide seating for our dinner stations. I thought the best way to do that would be to mix some soft seating with long tables. With Paisley & Jade to the rescue again, I put together some settees, chairs and end tables to create a relaxed lounge area for people to be able to congregate in, but not feel like they have to sit there all night.

Protip: If you are considering rentals, be sure to find out before contracting with the rental company, what time you will have access to your venue for deliveries. You may need to ask the venue if you have the option to add additional time if needed by your vendors.

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