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Our Story: FresH2O Growers, Inc.

Our Story events are opportunities to connect guests with the many local items on The Boathouse menu. Mary-Scott Standish of FresH2O and Desiree MacGregor of Cavalier Produce joined us to share the inspiration behind the hydroponically grown lettuces of FresH2O Growers, inc..

A Little Background

FresH20 Growers is a hydroponic lettuce farm, producing 8 different types of lettuce and totaling 2.6 million heads of lettuce each year. The family owned and operated facility is a 12-acre greenhouse located in Stevensburg, VA. They are a company that is passionate about taking care of the environment and recognizing that water quality makes all the difference in hydroponics (growing produce without soil). The lettuce was recently labeled "certified USDA Organic" and made available at Wegmans, Giant, Safeway, and Whole Foods.

Their Journey

FresH2O started making their product because about 80% of the country’s lettuce comes from Arizona and California. It was time for some East Coast lettuce.  According to Mary-Scott, “since [our product] is not grown in a field, there is no need for pesticides, and it remains fresh as it ships. The lettuce we grow is harvested, packed, and shipped all within hours of making its way to our customers. This is the best tasting, freshest, cleanest lettuce you can find.” And it’s true. You can really taste the difference between FresH2O’s lettuce and the bunches (or bags!) most shoppers buy from the grocery store.

Why VA?

The Van Wingerden family, who owns and operates FresH2O, has been living and working in Stevensburg, VA for over 40 years. So, Virginia  is home. Mary-Scott explains, “we believe in supporting local agriculture and providing local produce where we live and work. We started growing hydroponic lettuce here in Virginia in hopes to fill the need for local lettuces and greens for the Mid-Atlantic. We want to provide fresher and healthier lettuce with superior taste and quality right here in Virginia.” We’d say they’ve achieved their goals! The Boathouse is proud to carry their product, and we love what they are doing for Virginia.

Come Join Us!

We’ve had a great time with Mary-Scott and Desiree! There’s just one more event at our Short Pump Town Center location from 5p-7:30p on Thursday, May 26th. Don’t miss your chance to sample some of their amazing lettuces, enhance the flavors with an amuse bouche, and try a dinner special that perfectly complements their fresh product.

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