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6 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

For decades, the peak wedding season has always been considered spring. Winter is often overlooked and deemed the off-season for weddings, but in today’s blog we’ll discuss six reasons to consider hosting your own stunning winter wedding– after all, there’s a lot to be said for winter wedding bells!

Can you say cozy? Winter is the perfect season to create romantic evenings. Go for a cozier, charming feel and work with a florist or decorator to add lots of candles and soft lighting to event. If your venue has a working fireplace, the flickering firelight and warmth will also add to the ambiance.

Off-season pricing. ‘Tis the season to get the best bang for your buck. Lower prices on venue, floral arrangements and photography can easily be found during this time of year. If your guests are traveling, airline tickets and hotels will also be more affordable.

Greater availability. Winter months mean more date availability. Your ideal spot is more likely to be available in the winter when you aren’t fighting the crowds that come with a spring or fall wedding.

A flexible theme. Nearly any color scheme will work between the months of December and March. From warm reds to cool blues and greens, all colors will come to life beautifully, no matter your wedding vision and vibe.

The holiday season. From incorporating holiday décor to taking advantage of a little extra time off of work, there a number of ways to take advantage of an already festive time of year.

Comfort food. Last but definitely not least is the comfort food that’s perfect for a winter wedding. Get creative and provide guests with a meal they won’t soon forget. Try adding a gourmet coffee station, a spiced mulled wine signature cocktail or soup shooters to your menu. Guests will leave with warm hearts – and full stomachs.

We hope these reasons have got you thinking about your own winter wedding and taking advantage of all the benefits.

If you’re interested in talking to our team about a winter wedding, please shoot us a note at– we’d love to talk about making your event a dream come true!

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