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A Signature Soiree: How a Signature Cocktail Can Elevate Your Reception

A version of this blog post appeared in the Winter + Spring 2018 edition of Richmond Weddings Magazine.

At almost every wedding we execute at The Boathouse locations or Casa del Barco, we see signature drinks on the menu. These cocktails, often passed to guests during the first hour of an event, serve a few different purposes.


The drinks allow guests to avoid a line at the bar when they enter as they are swiftly passed a drink by a server and most importantly, the drinks often allow for an extra level of personalization from the couple celebrating their special day.
Signature drinks are often unique to the couple tying the knot, whether it’s a favorite drink they’ve shared together throughout their relationship or a nod to a special trip they’ve taken together in the past, or the honeymoon they are looking forward to. 
Cocktail selections by the couple often also fall in line with the season when they are celebrating their wedding. Right now, many of our wedding couples have chosen a bourbon apple cider cocktail as a signature cocktail. During the warmer summer months, we often see couples look to drinks like a mojito or a margarita when they know guests will be looking for something refreshing.

Signature cocktails can also help to tell the story of a relationship, for instance, one couple we worked with this year chose an orange crush as their cocktail of choice.  They named it the "Orange Concussion" because the groom accidentally gave the bride a concussion while kayaking after drinking orange crush cocktails on one of their first dates. 
As you are planning your special day, consider serving your guests a signature drink. 

Are you planning on serving a signature drink at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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