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What to Expect: Boathouse Event Coordinator vs. Personal Wedding Planner

Let’s set the stage. You recently got engaged and you’ve decided on a venue and a date but you’re wondering if you need a personal wedding planner to help you work through the rest of the details of your wedding day.

Before you hire a wedding planner talk with your venue to learn whether an event coordinator comes with the venue and what their role does – and doesn’t – entail. Knowing what to expect from all your vendors will help you check to-do items off your list and put your mind at ease.

At The Boathouse, an event coordinator will be assigned to a couple to help them navigate the details of their wedding and reception. Here’s what you can expect from a Boathouse event coordinator. With extensive experience and resources, our talented team of event coordinators works with clients to ensure that the planning process is seamless.

Couples can expect to meet with a member of our team during the planning process to discuss every wedding detail from menu and room arrangement to linens and event timeline. We typically have two of these in-depth meetings with the couple.

All of our event venues are dedicated to providing guests with a high-quality dining experience but reserving the event space includes much more. The event coordinator you are working with will also assist your officiant at the wedding rehearsal, verify arrival of your vendors on the day of the wedding, guide the wedding party through the ceremony and act as a liaison with the vendors to coordinate the reception.

Outside of scheduled meetings, your event coordinator will be available as an ongoing resource to answer any questions via phone or email about your event to make sure your day is exactly what you imagine.

By now you might be thinking, “So, if your event coordinators handle all that, then what all does a wedding planner do?” Don’t worry, there’s still plenty left for them to do.

“It's really a personal decision that I'm happy to talk through with clients.  My clients who have decided to hire a wedding planner outside of The Boathouse are couples who need a bit of extra help with organizing wedding details,” said Laura Silva, Director of Events at HOUSEpitality Family.

A personal wedding planner will guide a couple through many of the non-venue specific wedding-related details, like answering etiquette-related questions, securing contracts with vendors, executing décor, creating a design plan and facilitating transitions from off-site ceremonies to The Boathouse properties.

An added advantage of using a personal planner is that you are bound to succeed with great help on your side.  “We always work together to make the wedding experience the best for our shared clients,” said Silva.

However you decide to approach planning the big day, our staff is confident that we can meet your needs for the ceremony and reception.

Have a question about the difference between wedding planners and our event team that we didn’t answer in this post? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email at events@boathousevacom.

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