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Our Story: Caromont Farm

An Our Story event is our opportunity to connect guests with the many local items on The Boathouse menu. Earlier this year, we had Caromont Farm join us to share the inspiration behind their artisan cheeses. Coming up on July 30th, they will be hosting the last Dinner in the Field of the 2016 season in Virginia before Chefs Paige and Gregorio head across the pond to set tables in London and Italy. 

What is Caromont Farm?

Caromont Farm is located in the Piedmont region of VA, where "[they] produce both fresh and aged cheeses using milk from Gail Hobbs-Page’s herd of Alpines, Saanens, and La Mancha goats. Caromont’s cow’s milk cheeses are produced from milk sourced from Nathan Vergins’ herd of grass fed Jerseys at Silky Cow Farm in nearby North Garden, Virginia." With a philosophy that amazing cheese starts with quality milk, Caromont takes pride in treating animals with care and using a grass-based diet.

What makes Caromont Farm’s Cheese Unique?

Gale Hobbs-Page is a former farm-to-table restaurant owner, who is incredibly passionate about food, farming, and life in general. The cheese she makes is a product of that sense of passion. With a mission to make incredible cheese in Virginia, Gale started Caromont Farm in 2007 and never looked back! Each cheese is tended to daily and made entirely “on farm.” When you taste any of the varieties, you can tell that these are no ordinary cheeses.

Come Join Us!

We had a blast with Izzy from Caromont! You can find out about new Our Story events on our website, facebook, or by signing up for our email list.

Tickets for the Dinner in the Field at Caromont Farm go on sale at 8am on June 30th. Visit Eventbrite for details!

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