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Susan Ties the Knot: Part II

The Engagement.

It’s sort of weird (and wonderful) how my fiance and I ended up together. It was a convenient coincidence that both of us are RVA transplants. I’m from Chicago, he’s from Savannah, and we both became Richmonders at about the same time. I moved here with a boyfriend (SPOILER: that one didn’t last), and he decided to come here for his medical residency.

Real quick, my *fiance* prefers to remain unnamed, and *I* feel like “fiance” is a smidge too fancy, so I shall henceforth refer to him as FH (Future Husband).

FH and I met at Saison in downtown RVA, and things progressed pretty quickly from there. You might say he had me at local-foodie-favorite. We just celebrated our 3-year dating anniversary. Side note: isn’t it a little silly that we start the anniversaries over once getting married? Man. All that hard work, and the anniversary gods couldn’t care less!

Every year, we plan one big trip together, and this year it was going to be Italy. FH works with a lot of Italians, so we figured we’d have a lot of “ins” about great stuff to do. I had a feeling this might be the engagement trip, but then a house popped up that we couldn’t say no to and we put an offer in on the house 2 WEEKS before leaving for Italy. We barely had time to get through all of the closing shenanigans, so I figured there was no way he could pull off a proposal.

We’re in Italy. We’re staying at a vineyard in Florence. It’s beautiful. I’m jet-lagged like nobody’s business. Here’s how the romantic dialogue goes:

FH: Let’s go look at the sunset.

Me: I’m tired.

FH: C’mon, we’re in Italy!

Me: It’s cold, it’s rainy. No thanks, I’ll take a nap.

He gives up (so I think), goes out, comes back in and says, “No seriously, get out here!”

I just really don’t get it, and lying down sounds so perfect at this moment. 

Finally, he drags me out of the house and explains that he needed to find a good spot to do THIS [insert proposal here!!], and I (again, so very romantically) start saying “NO” over and over, obviously sending the opposite message from what I meant to send.

I was just so shocked that this was the moment. I didn’t think he was smooth enough to get this surprise past me. I did eventually say “yes,” so that was a bit of a relief for ol’ FH. We decided to keep the engagement our little secret as we traveled through Italy for five days.

I have to admit (sorry, Italy), it was mostly fun but I was also a little ready to go home, move into a new house, and plan a wedding!

Next up: The story behind my unique (if I do say so myself) engagement ring!

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