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A Look at Our Thanksgiving Menu

Our goal is to create a uniquely Boathouse Thanksgiving feast while keeping those classics that any dinner guest - well, at least any Southern dinner guest - expects on that fourth Thursday in November. And yes, that does include the not-so-gourmet, but undeniably delicious, green bean casserole.

What we’re really excited about though are the local ingredients that we get to showcase in the Thanksgiving classics as well as some Boathouse favorites.

This year, we are using local apples from Henley’s Orchard in Crozet, VA for our sage and apple stuffing. Henley’s was established in 1932, and it has been family-owned and operated ever since. 

Even more local, our pumpkin cheesecake and pecan pies will be made in-house by our own baker, Carolyn, who you can also find assisting Chefs Paige and Gregorio at every Dinner in the Field event. From rustic Italian to Southern sweets, Carolyn can do it all. 

One menu item that strays from tradition is our Norwegian salmon. It is one of our most popular regular dishes, and we added it to our Thanksgiving menu to incorporate some Boathouse flair. Fun fact: Norwegian salmon has a higher fat content than your usual Atlantic salmon, and more fat equals more delicious. It also doesn’t hurt that our skilled chefs have created a combination of flavors in the dish that highlight the salmon beautifully. The salmon is accompanied by wild mushrooms from Urban Choice Mushroom Farm, leeks, and smoked gouda cream. 

We’ll also have the shrimp and grits from our regular menu, which features local Surry sausage and Byrd Mill grits.

Last but certainly not least, we love to use Lucille’s Bakery for our holiday menus. Their dinner rolls are a soft Parker House style (named for the hotel where the roll was invented), and Lucille’s provides us with a fun variety, including regular, whole wheat, and rosemary rolls. It’ll be tough, but don’t fill up on the rolls alone!

We’re counting down the days until Thanksgiving gets here! If you’re as excited about the menu as we are, please give any location a call or book a reservation from right here on our website. Wherever your holiday takes you, happy feasting!

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