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Our Story: Sausage Craft

What is Our Story? We invite local artisans who contribute to our menu to come in, meet our staff and guests, and share the story behind their incredible and unique products. Here is a look back at some of our events with Sausage Craft:

Sausage Craft is located in Richmond, Virginia. They recently celebrated their five-year anniversary and look forward to many more years of supplying hand-crafted sausages to several local grocery stores and restaurants. When Sausage Craft’s Chris Mattera visited our Short Pump location, Chef Nelson cooked up their “Knotwurst” sausage over beet spaetzle and roasted carrots. It was delicious!

At Sunday Park, Chris introduced Sausage Craft’s story to the staff, explaining how his culinary journey took him from The Boathouse (then Sunday’s Waterfront Restaurant) kitchen, to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, then back to Richmond, VA to start his career specializing in sausage and cured meats.

At Sausage Craft, they are passionate about making sausage the way it should be done. On their website’s homepage they state, “No preservatives. No synthetic casings. We only use ingredients that are natural, fresh and flavorful. You should know what’s in your sausage.” Visit their website to learn more about their products, their people, and where you can go to get the best sausage made in RVA!

We feature Sausage Craft on our regular menu, and you can also enjoy their breakfast sausage on our Brunch with Santa buffet menu. Make your reservation today by calling 804-744-2545.

You can find out about new Our Story events on our website, facebook, or by signing up for our email list.

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