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Our Story: Virginia Distillery Company

What is Our Story? We invite local artisans who contribute to our menu to come in, meet our staff and guests, and share the story behind their incredible and unique products. 

Here is a look back at one of our events with Virginia Distillery Company:

Virginia Distillery Company is located in Lovingston, Virginia. They began by aging single malt whisky brought over from Scotland and have recently started distilling and aging their own product. The distillery will open to the public on November 14th, 2015!

Tricia introduces VDC’s story to the staff, explaining that their Highland Malt Whisky is aged in port barrels, which allows the original spirit to take on a sweeter finish, reminiscent of a dried cherry.

The Virginia Distillery Company prides itself on going “against the grain” by staying true to tradition in some ways but also breaking the mold with their innovative processes. Visit their website to learn more about their whisky, their people, and their big plans for the future!

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