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Susan Ties the Knot: Part VIII

When picking our wedding venue, FH (Future Husband) and I had two major factors to consider: our traveling guests and our budget. 

Since such a large number of our wedding guests are from out of town and unfamiliar with the area, it was important to us to make sure that the ceremony and reception are in close proximity to each other. Also, we are offering our guests transportation for the rehearsal dinner, so that didn’t leave room in our budget for transportation between ceremony and reception as well. Logistics? Check!

Being in the industry made the venue hunt pretty easy for us. We just love hanging out at Casa Del Barco, having already shared some great memories there. In fact, we have added a tequila bottle (or two) to the ceiling! As the sister restaurant to The Boathouse, I had some insider info about just how great a wedding there could be! So, it was settled, Casa Del Barco would be our venue.

I had to get creative because Casa doesn’t have a ceremony site, so I scoped out the area and found a great spot to do an outdoor ceremony within walking distance of the restaurant. 

In determining a style for our wedding, we wanted to highlight the city, and what better place than somewhere that’s downtown on the canal? We want our wedding feel like a party, and Casa Del Barco has a kind of nightlife feel that, say, a formal ballroom wouldn’t have. We love the urban elegance that Casa Del Barco provides. The indoor/outdoor feel is another selling point for Casa and the style of wedding we are trying to create.

At Casa, the venue provides the tables and chairs, plus our wedding men package includes linens, dishes, glassware, tables, and chairs. 

Casa Del Barco also provides me with a day-of coordinator. Working as a Coordinator myself and getting feedback from my brides, I’m relieved knowing that I can take off my “planner hat” the day of the wedding and leave the details to my trusted colleague. The coordinator and her crew do all of the setup and breakdown, so that saves us a lot of time and stress. After all, our wedding should be a party for our guests, but for us as well! 

Next up: We’ll talk guest list--how to manage the tough task of inviting a limited number of people.

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