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Wednesday Wine Class: Wines For Your Holiday Table

Wines For Your Holiday Table

Beverage Director, Michael Avery, chose November’s featured wines with Thanksgiving in mind. Each selection would work beautifully on your holiday table. Pro tip: the key to a great holiday wine is choosing something that has some acidity, which balances well with rich, heavy foods. Bubbles can do the same thing! Here are your November wines, which you can enjoy all month and sample TONIGHT (11/16) at our Short Pump Town Center location from 6pm-8pm.

Can Xa Cava Brut Rosé

Penedes, Spain NV

In wine class, Michael introduces this one with a question: “How do you not start off your holiday with a glass of sparkling rose?” After tasting this wine, the answer is a resounding: “You don’t!”

Most people associate cava with being a sparkling white wine, but Michael went with a rosé. Cava is actually the region, not the type of wine. This one is 100% pinot noir. It’s light and refreshing. Since it’s rosé, there is some weightiness to it, so you could have it with your meal. The bubbles act as a palate cleanser when you’re eating the rich mouthfuls of the Thanksgiving classics!

Schumann-Nägler Riesling

Rheingau, Germany 2015

German riesling is a holiday favorite because it is low in alcohol, so as Michael puts it, “this one won’t put Grandma to bed after one glass.” The winery that makes this riesling has been around since 1356! Now in its 25th generation, the winery is family owned and operated by a dad and his two sons. If the holidays are a time to honor tradition, the long history behind this winery nails it. The slight sweetness of this wine goes well with the saltiness of food, and the acid is great for palate cleansing and contrasting the rich butteriness of a Thanksgiving meal.

Virginia Dare Winery
Two Arrowheads Viognier+Roussanne

Paso Robles, California 2013

Viognier is a very nice holiday wine because it is a unique alternative from Chardonnay, so it feels a little special but will still satisfy the die-hard chardonnay drinker. This one is aged partially in an oak barrel, and the rest of the way in a stainless barrel. The result is a round, fleshy feel, full with honey notes. There’s a fun combination of tropical elements and a little nutmeg, which of course, goes with that pumpkin pie!

Dievole Chianti Classico DOCG


This wine is 100% sangiovese and labeled DOCG, which means it meets all the most strict Italian wine rules. It is dry but not overly tannic, so it will appeal to many different tastes. There’s a notable tart, red fruit flavor, which Michael explains is a giveaway that this wine is not made in USA. This one pairs well with cheeses and grilled meats, so it might be a great appetizer course selection. And for the meal as well, it’s not going to overpower the turkey.

Virginia Dare Winery
The Lost Colony Red Wine

Sonoma County, California 2014

Although this wine is made in California, it is inspired by one of the greatest mysteries of early American history. If that doesn’t scream Thanksgiving, we don’t know what does! This one could be a great conversation starter. It’s a perfect red table wine, not very dry. It does a great job of contrasting the fatty and creamy dishes on the holiday table.

Field Recordings Fiction Red

Paso Robles, California 2014

A blend comprised mostly of zinfandel and grenache. Aromas of blueberry, baking spice, and leather with notes of cured meat, mint, and tobacco. Flavors of cherry cola and black licorice with cigar and meaty notes.

This wine company likes to make approachable wines. In fact, they are blazing the wine-in-a-can trail! This one is approachable, but it’s big and just might bring that nap on a little early. It’s high alcohol but not too aggressive. If you are looking for a full bodied red, this wine should be your pick this Thanksgiving.

Come join us to sample all of these wines tonight 6pm-8pm at Short Pump Town Center. We hope to see you there!

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