Rooms Sunday Park, Midlothian

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The Swift Creek Room

Located inside The Boathouse at Sunday Park, the Swift Creek room is handicapped accessible with a gas wall fireplace and views of Swift Creek reservoir. The room can accommodate 50 seated guests, and up to 60 for a limited seating heavy hors d'oeuvres event.

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The Crow's Nest

Located inside the Boathouse at Sunday Park, this room has seating for up to 30 guests. This second floor "walk up" room has a private bar and a private balcony overlooking Swift Creek Reservoir.

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The Gardens Pavilion

Located next to the Boathouse at Sunday Park is a fully enclosed, heated and air-conditioned building with a wood-burning fireplace. Glass doors on one side of the Pavilion open onto a private deck overlooking the lake. The Gardens Pavilion can seat up to 100 guests. With additional tenting the capacity increases to 200 seated guests, or 250 for a stand-up event.